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Dezember - kartoniert - Seiten Beschreibung How much more time will you waste with the wrong men? But if you're like the majority of other good women out there who are confused by modern dating, have had a run of men who don't respect you and put in effort, or who look around and see all your friends in relationships while you are perpetually single, even when you have so much going for you.

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Then this book is absolutely for you. Mark Rosenfeld has coached thousands of women across the world.

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His life-changing video lessons have received over 50, views and he has become Australia's leading dating and relationship coach for one reason - he gets results. Whether its confidence, clarity, or a genuine, connected soulmate, women the world over look to Mark as a progressive, honest and practical coach who can lead them through the midst of uncertainty and doubt that modern dating can be, to shine through and attract the man they deserve.

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I have read mark rosenfeld dating least 10 other dating books and honestly believe this is the best because it focuses on behaviour and standards and values, etc.

Soon I had too many prospects to choose from who were consistently investing. I have now been in an 11 month long monogamous relationship that is going strong and is everything I had ever wanted out of a relationship with both life compatibility and chemistry.

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This relationship grew out of positive experiences in dating and knowing my value and setting effective standards with Mark's help. Will you finally say "enough is enough" and build a new romantic future?

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