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Maybe you're new to the city or you've always lived in NYC, but want to try something new? Or are you here on vacation and want to know what the city has to offer in terms of leisure?

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It's nice that you found Spontacts. In your new leisure community, you'll quickly find cool activities to join spontaneously.

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Would you like to go for coffee, but none of your friends has time? Just open the app, create an activity and shortly afterwards you'll surely have found a participant! Are you still not sure what to do next?

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No problem, because we can give you lots of inspiration for your free time. Do you enjoy sports? Grab a few participants and go jogging or inline skating through Central Park together. Are you more in the mood for relaxation?

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Then simply have a cosy picnic. An alternative to Central Park is Battery Park. New york leute kennenlernen in the south of Manhattan, the park borders the harbour, from where you can take the ferry to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and Staten Island.

Looking for other things to do?

Sounds like a good plan for a weekend trip, doesn't it? For culture lovers, New York City is home to museums such as the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Do you like theatre and musicals? Then head for Broadway! Maybe you've always dreamed of seeing New York from above?

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A visit to the Empire State Building should be on your bucket list anyway. Want to see the most successful team in American sports live?

Then go to Yankee Stadium and cheer on the New York Yankees in baseball. Now are you convinced to make the most of your free time and take advantage of what NYC has to offer?

You also want to meet new people in New York City?

Share Von Pfirsichen und Kokosnüssen: Wie man in New York Freunde findet Und wie nicht Meine Freundin und Kommilitonin Meike hat ihren letzten Sommer in einer der beeindrucksten Orte der Welt verbracht: New York City! Nach unserem Wiedersehen, einem längeren Plausch und ein wenig Brainstorming, hatten wir Lust gekriegt aus ihren Erfahrungen eine kleine Reihe auf Oh Walley zu produzieren. Deutsche und Amerikaner, das ist ein Vergleich wie Kokosnüsse und Pfirsiche, lernte ich. Amis sind Pfirsiche.

Then you've come to the right place! Go shopping in Soho, new york leute kennenlernen a concert at the Metropolitan Opera or try out the city's culinary offerings - let yourself be inspired by the many leisure activities on offer and arrange your leisure time as you please.

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With Spontacts you'll find like-minded people in your area at lightning speed, who will certainly become part of your circle of friends in the long run. So what are you waiting for?

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