Single passenger cruises, Zustiege zur Reise und Preise pro Person

Wastewater is treated in biological treatment plants.

single passenger cruises

In addition, our ballast water management avoids the transfer of flora and fauna to other areas. Waste on board is separated in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with international regulations and disposed of or recycled professionally in the respective country.

Detailansicht 1. Tag: Bus-Anreise nach Passau an der Donau — Einschiffung — Beginn Ihrer Donau-Kreuzfahrt Ablegen Entlang der Strecke können Sie unter anderem an folgenden Orten zusteigen: Chemnitz, Plauen über Regensburg und Passau. Detaillierte Informationen zu den Zustiegs-Möglichkeiten finden Sie unter dem Punkt Anreise.

We avoid the unnecessary use of annonce kennenlernen and do not use plastic bags, straws, cocktail sticks among other things. We also use energy-saving lamps and LED lights to optimize fuel consumption.

This is why Crew Members don’t sleep with Guest on Cruise Ships

All of our documents and advertising material are printed on environmentally friendly paper. Responsibility Strict requirements must be met for expeditions.

single passenger cruises

This is why we plan every Arctic expedition with the very highest degree of care and submit the route and program to the Federal Environment Agency for its approval. In order to shorten transport distances and support the economy of our destinations, we buy food and beverages locally where possible.

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This also includes the planning of our routes, which we always work out carefully and with the utmost consideration for each expedition. In particularly sensitive ecosystems, we pay particular attention to operating with reduced power and completely dispense with the use of heavy fuel oil.

single passenger cruises

We make single passenger cruises that the ship is regularly serviced at short intervals and modernized in an environmentally friendly manner. As such, we refrain from using products that might harm flora and fauna.

The Impact of Small vs. Large Cruise Ships The Impact of Small vs. Compare that to traditional cruise ships, the largest of which carry well over 5, passengers, not including entertainment staff and crew. Some estimates put the larger cruise ships at up to tons of fuel burned per day roughly 80, gallons. Meanwhile, our schooners Rembrandt van Rijn and Noorderlicht can sometimes sail by wind power during parts of their voyages, if the weather cooperates.

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